Getting Started

For Homeowners
The process for working with our clients is a bit different each time; each client brings their own experiences, talents and personality to the project. Most times we meet, talk or email to discuss your particular project and the issues you are trying to solve. Often clients will share photos, drawings or sketches to help figure out what is needed. We will then create an initial sketch and a price estimate. Once the budget and scope are approved we arrange a deposit on the piece. We create 3-D drawings that are revised and final decisions on colors and materials are made. Then we go to work on your piece.

When considering concrete counters, furniture, or cabinets in a larger renovation or new construction project it is helpful for LUKE WORKS to get involved early in the process so that considerations can be made for framing, lighting, blocking and other details.
Many steps in the design process can be done electronically. Feel free to email of fax your ideas, drawings and dimensions.

For Designers
LUKE WORKS can help realize your ideas. We have experience working with architects, landscape architects, interior designers and kitchen designers on many interesting projects. We speak your language and we work to honor the intent of your design. We can review your drawings to create quotes and discuss the possibilities of your plan. We can also provide you with material samples and technical information.

For Contractors
LUKE WORKS is ready to help you realize your client’s dreams. Our experience with many of the region’s leading builders and designers has helped to understand what makes a successful project. We want to help you provide your client with great products and to work with you to make installation go as smoothly as possible.