The importance of design is evident in all that we do. Through drawings, research, discussions, and hands-on problem solving the LUKE WORKS team tackles design problems from the contextual to the miniscule.

Our process begins with meeting you and learning about your needs and your hopes. We start with sketches and move toward creating complete 3-D drawings that allow you to visualize your project and confirm all details.

Years of hands-on experience, art and design training, research with materials, and the willingness to experiment has allowed LUKE WORKS to create pieces in a wide array of materials. This permits the design and function of an object to rule its creation.


Our trained artisans can install our pieces in your home, office or commercial space. Years of experience with many materials and challenging spaces have prepared us to tackle any challenge. We are able to plan the installation and advise early in the process in order to make the installation go as smoothly as possible.